The Witcher Star Freya Allen Addresses Henry Cavill Exit Fears and Liam Hemsworth’s Geralt

da melhores cassinos online greenbets casino: When The Witcher Season 4 releases on Netflix, it will have a brand-new Geralt of Rivia. In the first three seasons, Geralt was played by actor Henry Cavill, but the series lead has officially departed the show, with actor Liam Hemsworth set to take up the sword. The change has caused a lot of concern among the fan community, and it seems even Freya Allen had some fears, as well. The Ciri actress recently spoke to about the change, and her thoughts on Hemsworth in particular. In the interview, Allen reveals that she was initially “dreading” the switch, but she seems to be a big fan of her new co-star, as well as the overall direction Season 4 is heading in.

da slot real casino: “He’s lovely. Really, really sweet. Really, you know, grounded person, and I was dreading it for a while, if I’m honest,” says Allen. “But now I’m on it, and we have, thank God, a great director starting us off which has made it so much fun. My storyline is just so much great stuff to play. I’m actually quite happy.”

A New Geralt for a New Season

It will be interesting to see if viewers are equally impressed with Hemsworth when The Witcher Season 4 makes its debut. Some fans have insisted that they won’t continue to watch the show without Cavill in it, but it’s possible that positive reviews and trailers could win over those that are still on the fence. Losing a series lead is always a big deal for any show, and it doesn’t help that there’s never been any official explanation about why Cavill isn’t coming back. Cavill frequently discussed The Witcher‘s deviations from the source material, and some have theorized that was the reason he decided to leave. However,others have guessed it was the show’s physically demanding nature. That’s also a strong possibility, as the actor sustained some very bad injuries during filming.

The Witcher Season 5

Whatever the case might be, Cavill is out, and Hemsworth is in for the next two seasons. Netflix has confirmed that Season 5 will be the last one for The Witcher, with things wrapping up for Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and the rest of the cast. Fans will no doubt be sad to see the series come to a conclusion, but it’s a good sign that things are being planned out ahead of time; so many other Netflix shows have been cancelled abruptly, leaving viewers without any real sense of closure. Witcher fans are going to have to wait a long time before seeing how the show will end, but it seems the actors know where things are heading. In that same interview with, Allen revealed that she knows where Ciri will end up when the series comes to its conclusion.

“Yes, I know how it ends,” said Allen.

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